Youth are invited to participate in a world-changing youth movement that will empower them to be the change they wish to see in the world. During the Global Youth Initiative week, youth leadership events will be hosted all over the world. Our goal is to reach 500,000 youth. As a certified member of the John Maxwell Team, I am hosting the official local Global Youth Initiative event in South Africa during that week. This event is free and open to all children and youth groups, ages 8-18


Nonala Tose Productions will be hosting the South African leg of the JMT International Youth Week. The focus will be on primary and secondary education learners. Workshops will be hosted 24 – 30 April 2017. This particular workshop will be hosted on 27 April 2017, Freedom Day at Freedom Park and will feature motivational talks by local “celebrities”, community youth leaders, artist performances and Municipal leaders to enlighten the youth on available resources. The core of these workshops will be the John Maxwell material based on the Youth Max Curriculum. Key themes that will be taught include:


1. Child entrepreneurship

2. Financial development (money mathematics and how to trade Forex)

3. Socio-economic involvement of young people

4. Community resource preservation

5. Personal growth and development

6. Poverty alleviation

7. Health and wellness

8. Community and self protection (gangsterism, bullying, child labour, violence and child abuse)

9. 21 Laws of Leadership

10. Media development (use of social media, fake news vs. reputable)



The follow up of this event is our selection of 10% of the top attendees of the workshop to be trained as peer Mentors for their community and schools. The aim is to equip them so that they continue to disseminate the information and leadership training where we cannot reach. This process makes up part of a long term research study on how leadership, entrepreneurship and financial mentoring can help create strong and globally competitive future leaders.


The selection process will include 20 schools from the region to select 10 learners each.  These mentees will be followed and supported in various areas including leadership training, academic excellence, financial planning and eventually be equipped to host workshops such as this one for their communities and beyond.